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Traffic Huge is all about driving massive traffic to your website and making money online.

That’s why we have 3 ways for people like you to start profiting today!

Advertise And Earn
Just Earn

traffic huge gives you three ways to get sales, members or new subscribers using high power advertising tools:

1 Get a $25 Adshare Pack to unlock and enjoy multiple exclusive benefits
  • 15 PPC Banner Clicks: your ad constantly displayed in the Traffic Huge Members' Area until 15 individuals click on it.

  • 500 Traffic Exchange Ads: your websites/landing pages served to members until 500 people have viewed it for at least 15 seconds.

2 Get Login Ad Credits
  • Put your website at center stage by having it displayed to Traffic Huge members as soon as they login, putting you right at the front of their mind… and clicks!

3 Get Paid-To-Click Cash Ad Credits
  • Each credit will get your website/landing page served to one Member in the Members' Area with them having their own financial incentivisation to click and view the ad.

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Adshare Packs include a revenue share in the site's earnings as well. But you can buy Traffic Exchange credits and Banner Ads without revenue share too.

WAY 1 - Buy A $25 Adshare Pack and get clicking.

Your Adshare Pack does more than let you advertise your business on Traffic Huge; if you view 20 other Traffic Exchange Ads over a 24-hour period for a minimum of 15 seconds, you will be added to Traffic Huge’s revenue sharing pot.

This gives you an equal share of our total ad revenue for that day up to a limit of 2% of the value of your Adshare Pack (e.g. $0.50 on a $25 pack).

If you do this for 55 days (the full term of your Adshare Pack), you maximize your income and net a cool $27.50. In short, your own website ads are now free and you have made a 10% profit!

WAY 2 - Surf other Members' sites.

Simply surf the website ads displayed on the Surf Ads page in your Members' Area for 15 seconds and get FREE Traffic Exchange Credits for promoting your businesses!

Basic Members get one Traffic Exchange Credit every 4 views.


Paid Members get 2 Traffic Exchange Credits for each single view, so your paid Membership gears up what you earn for looking at these ads x 8.

TOP TIP: maximize your free credits and save time by joining our subscription membership program for just $10!

WAY 3 - Earn Affiliate Commissions.

Traffic Huge is a site that is growing rapidly thanks to its fast, easy and no-cost advertising business model. Help Traffic Huge to grow even faster and we’ll reward you with the following:

Earn 10% commission forever on all Ad Packages purchased by Members you introduced.

Earn a 1:1 matched payment on all Paid to Click commissions earned by members you introduce.

That’s not all: subscribed members also get 50% MONTHLY commissions ($5) for every member introduced who goes on to become subscribed member as well.

The more you sign up, the more you make: for example. if you can get 100 people to subscribe to premium membership, you get a cool $500 every month!

WAY 4 - Click special Paid-to-Click ads.

Get your clicking finger ready — all you need to do to get paid is simply visit the Members' Area and click on any Paid-to-Click Ad. How much you make depends on the length of your visit:

Stay on the page for 60 seconds to earn $0.03

Stay on the page for 20 seconds to earn $0.01 or $0.005

Stay on the page for 5 seconds to earn $0.001

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We redistribute 90% of all business revenues each day, dividing this equally between qualifying Ad Packs that have viewed 20 ads that day for 15 seconds.

You can earn up to 2% of the value of your Adshare Pack each day but the sum earned may be less than 2% on any day.

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Making cash with Traffic Huge couldn't be easier. You don't need to have any online business of your own.

Start by buying a basic Adshare Pack for $25.

All you need do then is view 20 Traffic Exchange Ads in a 24-hour period for a minimum of 15 seconds.

In each 24 hour period in which you do this you'll earn a share of a pot containing 90% of all of the revenue Traffic Huge earns that day, divided between however many members view 20 ads that day.

The maximum you can earn each day is 2% of the value of your Adshare Pack. So if you bought a $25 Adshare Pack, your maximum daily earning is $0.5.

But... you can do this for up to 55 days before your Adshare Pack matures.

So you could earn 55 X $0.5 = $27.5 from an Adshare Pack you bought for $25.

that's a gain of 10%

For doing nothing more than clicking and looking!

start earning today!


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With Traffic Huge, customers can easily earn money through website traffic exchange. As one of the best traffic exchange networks, we work with our customers to increase traffic and earn them more money.

Having to launch your website is difficult and challenging for sure, but promoting your website is even more difficult if you are new or simply don’t know how and what is the best way to do it. Through Traffic Huge however you can now increase website traffic free.

We can help you to find the online platform that allows you to highlight your website to millions of its visitors.

You must only submit to our traffic exchange website and we will automatically take your website and get real free website traffic in a matter of seconds.

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We offer the best traffic exchange service which is currently being used by thousands of webmasters and SEO Experts for getting real and unlimited vision to their website.





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