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Earnings and Disclaimers

a)    Venue. Our Site is a traffic exchange platform where we share the Site’s daily revenue via two direct income streams (Adpack revenue share earnings & Paid-to-click Cash Ads earnings) and three commission-based affiliate programs (Adshare Commissions; Paid-to-click Cash Ads Commissions & Premium Membership Commission). These programs are described in more detail below.

b)    Adpack Revenue Share.  This feature pays, for up to 55 days, up to 2% per day of value of all adpacks
purchased by member. A member needs to view 20 sites (for 15 secs each on surf ads page) within each
24 hour period in order to earn that 2%. Doing this for 55 days, thus, yields a 10% profit on money spent on adpacks (55 days x 2% per day = 110% return).

c)    Paid-to-Click Cash Ads Earnings. These are third party website pages advertised by our Site members who pay money for each view. Then this money is redistributed to both viewer (the member) and her/his sponsor. E.g., if advertiser pays $0.06 for each view then the member viewing that website ad will earn $0.03, which is Paid-to-click Cash Ads earnings, and her/his sponsor will passively earn the same amount, $0.03. The latter is Paid-to-click Cash Ads Commissions.

d)    Revenue share Adpack Commissions (aka Adshare Commissions). Every time a member buys adpacks, her/his sponsor will immediately earn 10% of the total purchase amount as soon as the purchase is complete.

e)    Paid-to-Click Cash Ads Commissions: See Section 2(c) above.

f)    Premium Membership Commission. Any sponsor of a member who subscribes and pays $10 every month for Premium Membership will earn a recurring income of 50% of monthly subscription amount, i.e. $5. However, the sponsor as well needs to be a paid member in order to earn this commission.

g)    Neutral Platform. OUR SERVICE IS A NEUTRAL VENUE. We do not endorse any advertiser, product of service that appears on our Site. WE DISCLAIM ALL LIABILITY ARISING OUT OF USERS’ PRODUCTS, SERVICES AND DATA.

h)    Third Party Networks. We cannot guarantee the availability or performance of any third party networks used to support the Site. Such third party services may change their operations without notice to us. Therefore, we shall not be liable for any outages, version changes, delivery delays, failures, bugs, or termination of third party network service. Third party networks have their own terms and conditions of use, and you must comply with any such terms provided by any third party network.