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Yes, you can. Traffic Huge wants you to be able to get started and get earning. As a free Member you get all of our revenue share and paid click earning opportunities. The only additional earning opportunities reserved for Subscription (paying) Members are a 50% affiliate share of the monthly Membership fee paid by any new Member they introduce.

Definitely. That’s why we’re here. While you’re a free Member, our Traffic Exchange will give you one free viewer credit for your site for every four sites you view.

If you decide to upgrade to being a Subscription Member, you’ll get two free Traffic Exchange credits for every one site you look at.

Absolutely not. Ponzi Schemes and similar discredited investment structures work by inviting people to invest money, offering them a rate of return which the fund cannot support. The practice has generally been to discourage investors from withdrawing, and to pay out those who do so using the funds submitted by newer investors.


The system appears to remain solvent for as long as people who have invested believe it to be legitimate and do not attempt to withdraw their money. If a critical volume of investors ask to withdraw their money at the same time, the scheme collapses, as sufficient funds are not available. Investors then become aware that their money is no longer available to return to them.


Traffic Huge is a Traffic Exchange, in contrast. We are a platform for exchanging website views between Members, and for providing Members with the chance to pay for advertising opportunities, and to earn revenues by viewing advertising.

No. In a pyramid scheme, each Member takes up a position in a pyramid, assuming the rights to sell some kind of stock to those they recruit to sit below them in the pyramid. These recruits then, in turn, purchase stock from the person above them and sell it on to further Members who they themselves recruit. There is, however, usually no end consumer of the product, and the entire economic model is built on people buying and selling something for which there is no actual demand. The ultimate losers are those Members sitting on the bottom level of the pyramid when no more recruits can be found.


Traffic Huge does not sell products - even advertising views - to Members and ask them to resell to other Members. We sell advertising views to Members. We do encourage Members to invite others to join, and pay affiliate fees to the introducing Member where this happens, but this is in no sense pyramid scheme marketing.

We are what is known as a Traffic Exchange. We provide a platform for entrepreneurs and online business owners to both gain views for their sites from other Members and, in turn, to view the sites and business offers of other Members. In addition to free traffic in our Traffic Exchange, we offer a range of paid for vehicles for gaining visits. 


You do not need to make any payment to become a Traffic Huge Member. As a free Member you may view ads in the Traffic Exchange area, and earn reciprocal credits. You may also earn by clicking our Paid to Click ads.


You are never required to introduce other Members, nor to make any purchase.


Should you decide to make a purchase from Traffic Huge, you will be electing to buy one of:


Subscription Membership. This costs $10/month and entitles you to a $5/month revenue share on the monthly fee paid by any Member you subsequently introduce


Adshare Packs. These cost $25 each. Each Adshare Pack gives you 15 guaranteed PPC banner clicks, 500 Traffic Exchange visitor credits and a share of revenue earned by the site on any day in which you view 20 ads for 15 seconds each within a 24 hour window.


Traffic Exchange Ads packages. These cost from $2.49 to $199.95 and give you between 500 and 50,000 visitor credits for the Traffic Exchange.


- Login Ads packages. These cost from $4.49 to $347.00 and give you between 500 and 50,000 visitor credits for ads displayed to Members as a full page immediately after login.


- Cash Ads packages. These cost $1 and give you either 25 visitors for 60 seconds, or 50 visitors for 30 seconds. Each visitor is paid to click and view ; $.01 for a 30 second view or $0.02 for 60 secs.


- PPC Banners and Text Ads. These are available in a variety of packages, with cost equating to $0.25 for every untargeted click, or $0.50 for each click targeted by city/country.

You cannot. You must look at each ad, one at a time for the required period of time. If you attempt to cheat this, or to use software to simulate this, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel your Membership without any compensation, refund or balance payment being due.

Yes they can. Each individual Member will require their own computer or device with its own IP address, however.

There are so many ways. Please review our ‘How it Works’ page. However if earning money, rather than advertising, is your primary wish, the best place to start is by purchasing one of our Adshare Packs and making sure you click and view 20 ads for a minimum of 15 seconds each in every 24 hour period on 55 days. If you repeat this, perhaps by buying multiple Adshare Packs, you may be able to gain as much as 10 cents for every dollar you outlay. However, this is not guaranteed, and depends on the volume of business being done on the site.

It is, but anyone you refer must have a computer with its own IP, their own email address and their own payment processing account. You may not open accounts for family members or friends using your payment processing account. If another account is signed up from your IP, our system will not accept it as a referral from you.

Yes, providing it can be displayed within an iframe and does not encourage or advertise anything pornographic, illegal or that we deem to be unacceptable. (We are not required to give any reason for declining to allow any individual site to be promoted.)


We do not allow websites that have more than one pop up.


If you promote a site that breaks these guidelines we will suspend your advertisements. If you ignore the guidelines repeatedly, your account may be terminated by us without any compensation, refund or balance payment being due.

You can request a payment whenever your balance exceeds $10

We are able to accept payment accounts with Bitcoin, Bank Wire and SolidTrust Pay. Our system processes through these accounts instantly except bank wires.

We remit earnings hourly, but with a delay of 24 hours. So if you earn $1 on Monday between 10am and 11am, we will credit it to your account at 11am on Tuesday. 


This is a security measure which protects both Members and Traffic Huge.

This is most likely caused by you having AdBlock turned on in your browser. You can turn it off in the browser Add-Ons. If this problem persists, please update your browser or try accessing Traffic Huge via a different browser.

If you request to withdraw funds, we will process this within 24 hours. Your funds will be paid to the payment processing account with which you purchased your clicks or views. If you have purchased advertising using more than one payment processor, your funds will be repaid in line with whichever accounts were used to purchase. This may mean your withdrawal being remitted to more than one account.

Every time you have a balance in excess of your withdrawal minimum, which as a default is $10, in your account, even if this is more than once in a day.

No. We are unable to make refunds, as we will have paid out revenue shares and possibly referrer commissions at the time you purchased. If you decide to leave and have a balance on your account, you may of course withdraw this before leaving.

On any day, we take 90% of all business revenues received by Traffic Huge and put this into our revenue share pool.


We then look at all Members who have clicked a minimum of 20 ads and viewed them for 15 seconds each during the previous 24 hours. These Members qualify for a share of that day’s revenue share.


Our system then works out how much should be apportioned to each Member, based on how many qualifying Adshare Packs they are currently holding. 


Once this has been calculated we credit the sum to the account of each qualifying Member. The sum each day will vary depending on the number of qualifying Members that day, and on the revenue earned by the site that day, but the maximum we credit to any Member each day is 2% of the value of their current Adshare Packs.


So if you have one $25 Adshare Pack, the most you can receive on any day, if the funds are available to us, is $0.5. As your Adshare Pack allows you 55 days of viewing, you could thus earn a maximum of 55 x $0.5, which would be $27.50. This would mean that you had earned back the sum you paid for the Adshare Pack to begin with, with a gain of $2.50, which would be 10%.


Please be aware that, in light of the process above, the actual sum you might earn cannot be predicted and, while it cannot exceed $27.50 per Adshare Pack, may be less.

When you use Traffic Huge, you are buying the certainty of views to your website or landing page. So we do not charge you by how many Members we serve your site or link to. We charge only for each one who ‘views’ your site for at least 15 seconds. That’s a View. A credit is the unit of ‘currency’ on our site that entitles you to have us generate a view - and so a visitor to your site - for you.

Yes. All Member data is protected and we do not share or sell Member data to third parties. 

You do not. If you do, however, you will be able to earn 10% commission on all of their purchases and 1:1 matched payment for any paid to click ads they view. If you are a Subscription Member, and they also become a Subscription Member, you will also earn a 50% affiliate share of their monthly Subscription Membership fee.

From the day you purchase an Adshare Pack, it has a life of 55 days until it matures. That is a total of 55 consecutive days on which you may click and view 20 ads, in order to qualify for that day’s revenue share. If you do not view 20 ads on any given day, then you will not earn revenue share for that day.


To earn back the maximum possible revenue of $27.50 on a $25.00 Adshare Pack, you would have to have viewed 20 ads on each of the 55 days. The revenue generated by the site, and the number of users sharing the revenue split would also need to be within ranges which made it possible for us to pay out the maximum 2% of Adshare Pack value on each of the 55 days.

We do not refund money paid for Adshare Packs or other digital click products, in any circumstances. Revenue shares and referral commissions are paid out against these sums as they are collected by Traffic Huge, and it is impossible to reverse these. When you purchase digital click products from Traffic Huge, you confirm your acceptance of this condition. 

Yes. Our system records Adshare Pack and other click product purchases instantly. In certain circumstances, processing payment may take up to an hour. If a payment has not processed within 60 minutes, please advise us by raising a support ticket.

To protect your funds, you will need to enter your Withdrawal Pin in the Member’s Area of the site in order to request us to send funds out from Traffic Huge to your payment processor account. 

First, we’re sorry about this. But our system is completely accurate, so if you didn’t receive earnings you did not actually view 20 ads for 15 seconds each within a 24 hour window.


So let’s look at how it works.

You have to view 20 ads in our Traffic Exchange, and look at each for at least 15 seconds, and do all of this within a window of 24 hours.

Your first 24 hour window starts at the moment you purchase an Adshare Pack. So say that was at 11am on 1 May. Providing you view 20 ads at any time within the next 24 hours, your next window will open at 11am on 2 May.

But say you did not view 20 ads in your first window. At 10.59am on 2 May our system marks you as "late". It then waits until you next view an ad, say at 4pm on 2 May, and it counts this as your first view in a new 24 hour window.

Now all your windows will begin at 4pm each day, until you next fail to view 20 ads in a window. At that point your window will again reset to start at whatever time you do next view an ad.

When you become a Member of Traffic Huge, you nominate a payment processor to which you wish us to pay your earnings.

For security reasons, we are unable to modify this for you. However, you may use a new payment processor when you buy Adshare Packs or other products, and your account will then be locked to this processor rather than to your original processor. When you withdraw funds your payment will be sent to the payment processor through which you purchased the product by which the funds being withdrawn were generated.

The first thing to do is make sure you have the latest version of your preferred browser installed. If you do, and you are receiving this message, try accessing Traffic Huge using an alternative browser. Use Google Chrome if possible.

Next, check that you are not actually connecting to the internet via a proxy or VPN (Virtual Personal Network).

If you are still seeing the alert, copy and paste this URL into your browser’s address window and press Enter:

If you are still unable to access the site, restart your machine and try again.

Please get in touch using our Support page. We’ll be pleased to answer your question. You should receive a response within 48 hours.


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